I love a good conference, attending them is fab for networking, learning or social enjoyment, but conference organising is in my blood and I relish the planning and communication to get an event to go with a bang (well, it is Bonfire night!). I am in the middle of producing a European Summit for Roche in Zürich, so I thought I'd share some TOP TIPS for conference organising and event planning.  

Good delegate communication to keep everyone fully informed

  • Sending out clear, informative, branded communication from the start will engage delegates on the lead-up to the event. For Roche, I’ve done this using branded HTML emails and a conference app which will be used from pre-event, during the event and post-event. We will capture data and insights from the Summit, gathering valuable feedback that will help the ongoing development of their IT solution.


Clear communication with the venue

  • The venue is at the centre of a good event. Making sure they are well briefed, understand your agenda and are totally in tune with your requirements is vital. Booking a venue well in advance and being clear about what will be expected of them can only go to strengthen the day.


Presenting clear messages to the delegates

  • When you’re planning a conference, there is always certain information to be put across and key messages to be communicated. Creating an agenda that follows a journey will give a clear pattern to the day. It’s good practice to talk to all the presenters to make them aware of what the others’ are saying so messages are aligned, well communicated and memorable.


Branding that is relevant, reflects the messages and is cohesive

  • Bringing the whole event together with a conference brand allows you to reflect the themes and messages of the event. For Roche, we have created a design which uses brand elements of the IT solution we are discussing, but smartly adds an essence of people and collaboration with a dash of additional colour to differentiate it from any other branding the delegates will have seen. We have effectively used the branding in all communication, adapted it for PowerPoint, menu cards, giveaways, pull-up banners, iPad and iPhone conference app, web design and letters – both printed and by email. There will be no doubt when delegates are receiving or looking at any information communicated about this event!


Obviously, running a conference is about planning and communication and the above tips are merely the icicles on the tip of the iceberg. The best advice I can offer revolves around communication. (oh, and coming to see us at the earliest point of planning your conference, summit, event). And as it's bonfire night, I'm ending this with a BANG!