We've been to a number of events recently where 'social intranet adoption' has been a hot topic. Companies continue to struggle to get their teams on board and fully active on a social intranet. Here are theblueballroom's ten top tips for successful social intranet adoption:

  1. Pre-launch - If your intranet has yet to launch, ask your audience what they’d like to see on it. They are more likely to engage with it if they feel as if they’ve had a part in shaping it.
  2. Keep it simple - To maximise user satisfaction, make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for. Have clear signposting!
  3. Mix it up - Vary the content to include formats such as video, images and audio
  4. Share - Give people the chance to collaborate by offering polls and the ability to comment on stories as well as rate them for their content.
  5. Stop emailing - Think of posting regular news updates on the social intranet instead of sending news via email. People will soon get used to regularly checking for news on the social intranet.
  6. Be newsworthy - Important information should be easy to find. Keep the home page up to date to avoid old news staying on top of the news feed.
  7. Spread the word - Promote your social intranet frequently through conversations and regular team meetings to keep interest alive and attract new people to it.
  8. Support - Remember to show people how to use it. Offer training courses – and regular refreshers - with simple user manuals for people to take away.
  9. Create champions - Appoint champions to spread the word and encourage people to use it.
  10. Train - Make sure that key content writers are trained on news writing best practice.