My father-in-law graduated from college and as a young newly qualified engineer in the late 1960’s. He landed his first job as a civil engineer for a large motorway engineering business and although he has progressed and moved up the business to a consultancy role he has been a loyal employee there for over 40 years. This is almost unheard of now. There is no such thing as a job for life any more. I myself have had seven jobs since graduating from college in the mid 90’s and I still hope to have another 30 or more years of employment ahead of me. There was a time, not so long ago that even I remember,  when job security ensured loyalty but neither are guaranteed now. As the adult working life gets longer, the average number of years people stay in jobs gets shorter, a 21-year old entering the UK employment market could now expect to have up to 20 different jobs. Research and career experts are stating that to succeed in today’s competitive job market, an individual needs to build transferable skills, a strong network and personal reputation – becoming a brand in their own right. In the light of this development how can companies create working practices and cultures that encourage long service, a shared sense of purpose, or dare we say it, common values? When it comes to careers, does the big brand still have cachet, or is ‘The Company Man’ a thing of the past?

thefuturestory is a free event on the 5 February that will bring together four experts from the fields of brand reputation, employee engagement, communications and open working, to look at how different organisations in the private, public and third sector are dealing with this challenge and where they stand on the individual vs. the company brand.

This talk will provide an interesting insight into this change and the impact it will have on businesses and employees alike. Can security and loyalty be restored once more? When studies show that loyal employees have a positive effect on a company's bottom line by lowering staff turnover and training costs, and if employees are shown to profit financially from this arrangement, is it each for their own and only the biggest brands will succeed? If this is the case, building your own brand couldn't be more accessible with the advancements of social media and networking.

The event is free to attend but space is limited – register for your place at thefuturestory here.

We look forward to seeing you there!