Wendy, Sheila and Sophie are all attending the IoIC Live conference in Brighton on 1/2 May - if you see them there, do have a chat. Wendy has been involved in organising the event and is especially looking forward to the session called 'the culture debate - introverts vs extroverts?' The whole  team here at theblueballroom is really excited for our next thefuturestory event. On 7 May at RADA studios we'll be discussing how you can use data to drive high-impact communications that deliver results. We'll hear from an expert panel in the morning and then we'll be holding some great interactive workshops in the afternoon, so if you haven't got your hands on a ticket yet - book here now!

You'll definitely find someone from our team at the big yak on 28 June in London. The tickets are going out in batches, so be sure to check out the link and note the dates so you get a ticket!

Other events to look out for are:

Social customer service summit, 13/14 May - Internet World, including big data show & interop London, 17 June - Digital Mindfulness, 7 June - Chinwag Psych, 15 May