Be honest, how did you answer?  Which category do you fall within? If you, like me attempted to claw back some kind of self-control over your inert device by answering “doesn’t”, then you are fooling no one.  This is a sure sign you are in denial – riding the wave of the digital revolution like the rest of us.

Sadly it may be too late to get off.  My social behaviour both at work and at home is heavily dependent on technology.  I can't escape the fact that at times I bypass the real world to get a digital quick-fix.

I am now crashing on the rocks of reality – technology is here to stay.  So, I better wise up and draw my own guiding principles before I’m emailing my microwave to make dinner for myself.

I initially resisted the temptation to depend too much on technology by taking a firm stance.  I refused to indulge in the need to always have something electronic in my hands – a tool that connects me to the internet and to social networks constantly, with endless answers and reliable directions....I can do without thanks.  Only for technology to give me a real eye opener.

A glimpse of the future

My 4 year old son playing with an iPad.  Not only did future Christmas’s and Birthdays look expensive, but he was a natural.  Technology adapted (by us) to be even easier to use.  It plays to our core needs of colourful, moving, responsive and engaging apps.

It is the technology that has provided my son, and me, with such a rich learning tool, capable of exploring and discovering things we could never have dreamt of.  I don't need to own a set of encyclopedias or have my photos developed.  My son can video call his grandparents, speak with them on my smartphone, having sent his first text he is quite familiar with this technology in our lives.  To the point he is confused the TV doesn’t respond to touch.

However all this technology can be abused after pictures of me sleeping were posted to my social network being one distinct drawback.  The culprit even added a selfie taking full credit.  Although quite impressive for a 4 year old, and equally scary for me, this is a sign of things to come.  A world of 3D printing, flying cars, interactive buildings, voice recognition and wearable devices will be the norm for my son.  In the same we couldn't live without the internet, smartphones and online shopping.

Despite the tantrums of withdrawing from such ‘toys’ bearing witness to their hold, along with the constant need to be entertained, and over stimulation preventing any kind of sleep, I am still a good parent.

At times, and purely for selfish reasons, I wish that technology had not enhanced my sons ability to share his thoughts, or improve his communication and language skills, increase his knowledge of the world, or sharpen his ability to reason and question me.   Then comes the gift of a funny video, a captured moment, and the blessing of a silent car journey that soon outweighs all the negatives.

If you can’t beat them join them.

It is this glimpse of my future generation, living in an ever more connected society using technology everyday that has prompted me to get firmly back on the wave of progression and enjoy the view.  In the same way top forward-thinking companies look to their employees as their future leaders – it’s not surprising they too are firmly on board.

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