I was recently reading about how Marmite had formed a ‘Marmite Neglect Squad’ and, as a result, were helping to salvage the career of EastEnders’ Dean Gaffney. This got me thinking about the importance of having strength in your brand. Marmite really have taken advantage of the fact that its product divides people. How many other companies can you think of advertise their product as being something you either love or hate?

This sort of tongue-in-cheek, jokey approach to advertising has won countless people over and as a result, it is viewed as a fun and quirky product. They’re even putting it in chocolate now!

Although there is always a risk when adopting this sort of approach, this tactic has clearly paid off and has made Marmite an almost endearing product.

Some people love to hate it – I for one, love it! (But only on white toast)