Storytelling is a central part of what we do working in Internal Communications and we use it mostly to help businesses get their messages across in an engaging way. When I think of all the stories I was told as a child, at university, on my gap year and over many walks and days out - I remember most of them.  There was this one…, perhaps this isn’t the right moment to share that one! The point is, I remember specific stories because they resonated with me. I could relate to them and they’ve stayed with me because they were funny, sad, or involved a common interest I had with the person telling the story. I know I’ve  retold some of them and that’s the beauty of a story – it’s remembered and shared.

Someone once told me that storytelling is the oldest way of passing knowledge, so, there’s nothing new about it. But while technology continues to evolve faster and faster around us, it’s good to take a moment to remember that storytelling will always be needed to share an experience and deliver a message effectively. And that makes it an important skill to have.

The case is true of the way we communicate within business. By weaving a compelling story and telling it in a way that your audience can relate to, your audience will respond in a more positive way,  remember the story and share it too.

It’s not always so simple knowing where to start. We would love to help give you the skills to tell your business story and most importantly, to help engage your employees to tell it too. For that very reason, we developed a storytelling workshop – because although, yes, we know that storytelling is THE buzzword of the moment, stories themselves are here to stay.

If we can help you with your storytelling, get in touch for more details.