As a company that truly believes in the power of a good story, this article - about storytelling being 'a load of bullshit' - was at first glance a little hard to swallow. We love working with clients to draw out the stories from their organisation - whether for an internal or an external audience. In fact, our thefuturestory platform is entirely focused around (unsurprisingly) the future story of your business and how to secure that future in a rapidly changing landscape. So what do we think of Sagmeister's comments? Well actually, we think he's got a blooming good point. Not everyone can or should claim to be a storyteller. Trying to make stories out of nothing (see: rollercoaster designer) is not at all what we practice or preach.

A poorly constructed, badly researched or unimaginatively told story is worse than saying nothing at all. PR professionals know this all too well - a key skill within PR is being able to tell your stories to the wider world in order to spark the reaction or result that's best for you or your brand (which, it's important to remember, is sometimes no reaction). So no, not everyone should be storytellers - certainly not without guidance. Communicators should take ownership of stories so they can tailor them to the intended effect. Without this ownership brands could find themselves in the midst of a PR crisis - or worse, your staff turning against you.

What do you think - does Sagmeister have a point?