Ahead of our next thefuturestory event - The Power of One, at RADA studios on October 15th, we've asked our speakers three questions to give you some insight into their talks on the day. We thought it would be interesting to ask Sheila, our managing director, about her thoughts on thefuturestory and this particular topic. Sign up if you're interested - Wednesday is fast approaching! How did thefuturestory come around?

I came up with the idea of thefuturestory to provide clients and friends of theblueballroom with a forum for learning and discussing important issues that are shaping our working world. As professionals in business communications, we are often required to make sense of other people's ideas, to explain complexity, to smooth the way for change. To be successful consultants, we have to understand the context, the motives, the intentions and the desired outcomes for a lot of different businesses. And then we have to create the right stories with meaning and impact.

thefuturestory is all about the context - what is going on in the world beyond the specialist focus of our own departments or companies. It's about adding breadth to our knowledge and challenging us to stay fresh and to think differently.

The topics emerge generally from things I have read or people I have met - sometimes clients recommending a book or talking about a new way of approaching their work; or sometimes other consultants sharing their thinking about a problem we have in common. What I do is to bring ideas and people together and quite often then begin to see trends emerging or new concepts forming that I want to bring to the attention of thefuturestory community.

How did you choose thefuturestory The Power of One topic?

I have been lucky enough to have landed in a career that combines two of my favourite subjects: people and business. The longer I am in business the more interested I have become in why people choose to do what they do, what motivates them to succeed or excel and how they achieve things for themselves and others in the workplace. And I am convinced that the individual has the power to make a difference.  For all the knowledge we can acquire about the big influences in our lives, and for all the influence that businesses can have on our lives,  it is still up to us as individuals to decide how to behave, how to develop, how to contribute. And I believe that insight into people is as valuable to a supervisor as it is to a CEO.

I also believe in serendipity - that good things happen when you least expect them, when you make fortunate but unplanned connections. The idea for this event crystallised as a result of a series of connections made a couple of months ago.  I happened to meet Dr. Rob Yeung at the last  futurestory event, and then reconnect with Colin Mills, whom I'd met twenty years ago in Portugal, and he introduced me to Rens de Weijte. Then I was discussing their work with Chris Mockford, who was one of the founder consultants at theblueballroom - and it all came together. Here are four people who are all working with people in business - as psychologists and coaches and mentors - to make them happier or healthier or more successful. And because I think they too believe in the power of the individual to make a difference.

It seems a great idea to get them all together in a room and see what would happen.

What will people get out of attending this thefuturestory?

My intention with this next event is to give attendees two things:

- as influencers in their companies to find out why it is so valuable to get their leaders and managers to look at their employees more as individuals than as demographics; to think about what motivates them, what excites them; so that they will create workplaces that are more healthy and more conducive to individual happiness;

- as individuals themselves to explore how they can achieve happiness at work, how they develop their own voice and how they can be influential in the workplace.

It will be a highly interactive and refreshing morning of thinking differently, but with a purpose!

If thefuturestory - The Power of One, sounds interesting and you'd like to know more - don't miss out - you can book your free place here!