Does your organisation rely on email as its main form of non face-to-face employee communication? The days of this could be numbered. A major study by The New York Times has shown just how little time college students spend on email. Out of 123 minutes spent a day online, the students surveyed spend only six on email: they see it as something they have to do, rather than something they choose to do. Instead, their out-and-out preference is for social media. As these college students enter the workforce, organisations must take social media seriously, putting time and budget into getting their social channels right.

Whether it's having lively and interesting Facebook and Twitter profiles (you can be sure your employees are watching and playing a key part in your external communications), a company intranet that people want to visit, or a Yammer site that draws people to get to know one another and collaborate, there are many ways to get social.

Content is king, however. Allow these social networks within your company to be open and honest, make them fun and relevant places to visit, encourage senior leaders to get involved with them, and break down hierarchies and silos.

At theblueballroom I do still open my email first every morning, however I follow this straight afterwards by our Yammer site. While I don't see email dying out anytime soon, personally I have seen a definite shift in traffic to Yammer, which sparks ideas and conversations.

For help getting social networks up and running in your organisation, give us a call.