St Patrick’s Day is an ideal time to celebrate one of the world’s most successful beer brands – Guinness. Nowadays regarded as Irish as the shamrock, Guinness hasn’t always been so eager to associate itself with the patron saint of Ireland.

However, in an era dominated by fizzy-pop lager and cider, Guinness has been ‘pure genius’ in promoting bitter stout.

Grainne Wafer, Guinness global strategy and communications director, neatly sums up the brand’s creative challenge: “We are such a distinctive beer so our marketing has to be equally distinctive, it has to have that flair, that magic and that creativity to make it stand apart.”

To mark St Patrick’s Day, BrandRepublic brings together some of the best Guinness ads of recent years - including Surfers, voted best ad of all time in 2002.


Photo courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee / freedigitalphotos