Next up in my one-minute-interview-series is our totally glam PR Account Director, Christina, who joined us last July. She loves leopard print, fitness and chocolate and knows about absolutely everything about PR! Enjoy..... What is your favourite thing about being a PR Account Director (PR AD), especially agency side?

I love being part of a brilliant PR team.  I get to provide strategic input and share some of my (several years’!) experience, but I also get to share the energy and creativity that comes from combining the talents of several different individuals.

What has been the best project you’ve worked on so far in your PR AD life?

It’s really hard to choose just one!  I headed up comms for the launch of an entirely new brand a couple of years ago, which was exciting in itself, but because we met with some legal challenges before we could go live, I also had to deal with crisis PR along the way.  In complete contrast to that, I’ve done a lot of work with breast cancer sufferers which has involved everything from pitching personal case studies to the national press to  presiding over ‘real life’ model photo shoots.

What would be a ‘what not to do’ as a PR AD?

Never assume the world is just waiting for the product or service you want to promote.  Do your competitor research; take the temperature of the marketplace; don’t be afraid to feed back to the client.  Together, you can adjust your message and ensure that it’s well received.

Give me your top three tips on being the marvellous PR AD that you are:

1)  Stay familiar with the media – listen, watch, read.  Understand what makes them tick and how they approach a news story.  Then you’ll know how to pitch yours. 2)  Take the time to research and plan your PR programme – it may sounds obvious, but PR should be strategic: it’s not just about issuing a press release. 3)  When you’ve got a big announcement to make, be sure the client can make a senior spokesperson available for immediate comment.  Particularly when it comes to a big news story, the media want it straight from the horse’s mouth!

Christina Relf