The Christmas adverts have begun! With the recent John Lewis and Sainsbury’s Christmas 2014 commercials airing for the first time, for many it is officially the start of the Christmas season! Although at theblueballroom we absolutely love this time of year, we do also agree that these adverts can quickly become tiresome. If your company is going to play the Christmas card (no pun intended), then here are few tips on how to keep your campaign fun and more importantly, original:

  • Use a theme of nostalgia. Many adverts use the traditional, ‘Santa and his Reindeers’ theme – and this is because it works! Play up to it, as this connects with so many people!
  • Instead of overtly selling a particular product or service, aim to create an atmosphere and get the viewer in the right mood. Rather than shoving your company’s message in their face, let them become intrigued by the brand so they want to see the advert
  • Finally, tell a story: What do all the classic Christmas adverts have in common? They make us remember the message first, and then than the brand. The best stories provoke emotions, leading to an incredibly valuable response.


Christmas is a golden opportunity for any company to spread their message, so take advantage of it and get in the festive spirit!