We spend a lot of time at theblueballroom thinking about concepts. Ideas, design, words and pictures to communicate our clients’ strategies, products or services. We also look to the future and think about how things will continue to change and challenge us to come up with bigger and brighter concepts that will cut through the noise, exploit opportunities and deliver results. What’s next for businesses? What’s next for communications? How is it all going to work? The word that sits at the heart of all these questions yet is missing from that paragraph is “people”.  People determine and communicate strategies, people create and deliver concepts and people hold the key to whether we succeed or fail. And whatever the present or future landscape for businesses and for communications, if we lose sight of people, we lose sight of reality.

Our next event in thefuturestory series will put people firmly back on the agenda. We will look at how some future-focused companies are looking at the individual in the workplace; how individuals are looking at companies and also themselves in the business context; and how individuals can and do exert influence in their teams. In the context of shared experience and learning, we will bring together influential thinkers and doers who work in the “people” space - HR, communications professionals and practitioners with interesting things to say about what people want out of work, now and in the future. We will also share some recent creative concepts of our own that put the individual firmly at the heart of communicating a global business strategy.

Watch this space for the list of speakers but save the date – Wednesday October 15th from 9.30am through lunch at RADA Studios.