When’s the best time for effective communicate? This question, which has long vexed professional communicators, has now been definitively answered – after an orgasm! A new study shows that orgasms induce a state of mind that’s receptive to positive conversation.

Levity aside, this research has some tenuous relevance for corporate communications.

Traditionally, you communicate bad news on a Friday so people can assimilate it away from colleagues over the weekend; and you communicate good news on a Monday so the positive vibe is shared and amplified around the workplace.

Orgasms aside, it’s important to consider factors beyond the day of the week before deciding when to communicate.

For example, are there other messages in the corporate pipeline that will affect how your audience respond to your news?

Also look at external events, planned or otherwise. For example, avoid putting out a positive corporate message immediately after grim local, national or international news.