In the modern business world, social media can be just as important as the real world. The ability to instantly interact with customers on Twitter is a fantastic form on communication; it is efficient and highly effective. However, like most things, moderation is key. Sometimes we need to take a break from the fast-paced cyber world which we find ourselves investing so much of our time in.

In the same way you would take a holiday to recoup energy and regain perspective, this is crucial when it comes to social media too. Whilst on a break from social media, you’ll be able to think up new and improved strategies. Distancing yourself from this aspect of business can ultimately lead to progression.

Taking a sabbatical from social media doesn’t necessarily mean that you must remove your presence though. You can schedule posts and updates well in advance. This simply means that although your web presence is still on going and active, you’re taking very well-deserved break!