Feeling over-exposed to technology and so called useful gadgets?  Losing a sense of self because it doesn’t quite match your Facebook profile? You’ll be glad to hear that you are not alone, and I for one am welcoming the new trends that see people fighting back and reclaiming ownership of themselves from gadgets and technology.  Habits and mind-sets have changed over the last 15 years to work around technology, and I am following those trends in order to make technology fit around me, both socially and professionally. Of course I could not operate or live in the modern world without using technology, it’s there because it works and improves my life and over time I have kept the gadgets and devices that are most useful to me and discarded the rest to the ‘almost made it’ pile, along with keypads on phones, internet fridges, QR codes and MySpace.  This makes it clear to me that the fate of general technologies is in our hands, we decide what we keep and what we discard.

Like most people, I have found that technology such as my mobile phone, TV, radio, iPads, the internet, Google maps and GPS have bettered my life, but I am still fighting hard not to be a slave to the latest technological gimmick around – not until it has earned its place at least. If my GPS said ‘drive into a field’, I probably would above all reason, because time and time again I’ve arrived in the right place, but having said that, I am trying to train myself to see technology as an aid, not a crutch.  It’s OK to disconnect from it from time to time, just as it’s OK to try it in the first place.

The world of communication is advancing hand in hand with technology, and at the same time it is learning to work around us - drag us away from screens and typed communications to speak face to face with people again so that actually, technology works alongside, not instead of, normal life.

So technology is moving on, but we are also fighting back.  I am reassured that we have played a part in helping better various technological evolutions like: the phone to mobiles, the television to on demand, and I’m sure we will continue to shape the digital age so that it fits our needs, and ensures I’m not sitting alone in a field.