On the 7 March I had the pleasure of attending Rewire London – a conference that brought together the brightest brains from business, design and technology. The day was full of inspirational, fact-filled talks, ad-hoc presentations, workshops and discussions. One of my favourite discussions was all about love. I was initially drawn to the session out of curiosity, (since when has love got anything to do with business?!), but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the subject raised some interesting and wildly different views on how people feel about what they do for a living, as well as the brands they interact with as customers. It made me view my relationship with one of my favourite brands, Asos, in a very different light. I ‘love’ them because they provide great service and send me lots of lovely things, but I ‘hate’ them because they encourage me spend too much money on things I (probably) don’t need. Am I being manipulated? Perhaps, but does knowing this make me want to change it? Not really. Why? Because of the great service and lovely things.

The discussion brought into question the give and take nature of the relationships we, as individuals, have with companies. If we don’t love something, why do we do it? There are always ups and downs in any relationship – personal or professional, so I guess the question is: does the good outweigh the bad? Or do you feel manipulated and trapped?

This is an important question to ask from an internal communications and PR perspective – are your customers and employees sticking with you for better or worse? If not, why not, and what can you do to help encourage them to do so?