I was recently watching a program on Channel 4 when I immediately realised something that has been staring me in the face for the past couple of years. TV and social media are becoming increasingly entwined. Due predominantly to the rise of Twitter, the audience of your average TV program seem to want more interaction with their program and more opportunity to have their views aired.

Whether it be Question Time or Made in Chelsea, viewers are increasingly urged to tweet their opinions to the show using a particular hashtag. MTV Finlands executive producer, Mari Rasimus recently stated “It brings the audience, the TV stars and TV hosts closer together and allows them to communicate with each other in real time. This is something that’s never happened before”.

For some, live tweeting is now an essential and ingrained part of their TV viewing experience. This can also be a valuable tool for producers, who can begin to cater the show to audience's tastes.

One could argue that this is becoming a negative aspect of social media; our inability to switch off from it now prevents us from even sitting back and enjoying the latest episode of The Apprentice. But like it or not, live tweeting seems to be here to stay. Don’t like it? Well, as they say, #dealwithit