I am going on holiday to France on Friday for a week’s holiday. I have always loved learning languages however French has never ‘officially’ been one of them. So on Saturday I dusted off (literally) my French in Three Months book. Not for the first time: I have done chapters 1-5 quite a few times and am determined to make it a bit further this time. (A friend on Facebook assures me there is a great twist in chapter 6). I think this book takes a great approach to learning a language. It’s structured and logical and teaches you the essential grammar in bitesize and incremental chunks, rather than throwing a lot of phrases at you that you can only learn parrot-fashion, without understanding how they have been constructed.

But there’s the thing. The word ‘grammar’ would instantly put some people off, but I enjoy learning it, and I enjoy testing myself and checking the answers at the back of the book, whereas someone else would find this too tedious. The way each of us learns is different.

We have helped one of our clients communicate a whole new approach to learning for their international workforce. It recognises that learning can be hugely motivating, really engaging employees around the work they do, and the company they work for. And it also recognises that learning is best done in a variety of different ways, to suit a variety of different styles. As an example, watch this great video about adidas' New Way of Learning, which shows the benefits of giving employees an inspirational learning environment. Have a chat with us if you want help with learning and development in your organisation.

I only picked up my French book with a few days to spare before we go (as we chose our destination only shortly beforehand), and I don’t suppose I will get to the end of it this time, with two young children in tow, but I will someday and I will enjoy the process. I will also use my Duolingo app (it’s great!) and have a few croissants this week to help my concentration.