Yesterday at theblueballroom we decorated our Christmas tree and added a photo to Instagram. Yesterday, Star Wars also launched an Instagram account with a selfie of Darth Vader. Why do we add photos to Instagram? Well, we, like many other creatives and businesses, use Instagram for inspiration as well as to share a snapshot of our day to day activities. In an article in The Guardian regarding Instagram & Pinterest as inspiration for marketers, it says that "Instagram has 160 million monthly active users globally, with 65 million photos uploaded every day and with a billion likes per day. The Facebook-owned company says users spend three times as long on Instagram as they do on Pinterest and twice as long as on Twitter."

I can imagine that the handful of theblueballroom team who upload to our Instagram feed are likely culprits of this. Why? Because we're now visual communicators, and whilst words are powerful, we tend to need an image to encourage us to read further.

So why not make a cup of tea, follow us on Instagram, and flick through our snaps as a quick way to find out more about us.