Despite their intentions to be memorable and vibrant, buzzwords are often a source of great exasperation. Words and phrases such as ‘guestimate’, ‘game changer’, and ‘team individuality’ (I thank The Office’s David Brent for that one) are in fact deeply ironic. The majority of people who come across these all agree on the same thing - they detract from the message they are trying to convey. Phrases such as ‘thinking outside the box’ or ‘blue sky thinking’ are in fact, anything but. Industry specific buzzwords are understandable and, for the large part, make total sense. But when connecting with a particular audience or demographic, tailoring your speech to that group is essential if you are to effectively communicate with them.

But there are words and phrases which seem to have no real meaning behind them and are thrown into a sentence just for the sake of seeming more qualified and professional.

A friend of mine recently attended a meeting where his manager was informing the group that they should not only work well together, but should also see themselves in direct competition with one another. This saw the birth of a new term, ‘coopetition’. A fusion of ‘cooperation’ and ‘competition’. This term has now taken root in that office!

Although the introduction of a made-up buzzword may seem like a good idea, it must be considered whether this term will be used and taken on board, or be discarded and not taken seriously. Everyone appreciates it when they are informed in a clear and coherent manner, rather than a message being construed in a cryptic way, one that the recipient has to heavily analyse and try to make sense of.

At theblueballroom we believe that the best form of communication is delivered clearly. Those who you are connecting with need to understand the message instantaneously and not be left in any doubt about its meaning. Effectively relaying a message can certainly be a challenge, particularly when having to convey it to a wide range of audiences. So, as a communications agency, we strive to strike the perfect balance between a detailed message and a simple one.

Clear communication is all about talking the right language to the audience. If the wrong words and phrases are used, this can result in disinterest and the message being lost. At theblueballroom, we put in the time to get to know our audience in order to ensure we connect in a way that is not just informative, but also engaging and effective.

In short, corporate communications should be innovative in order to be attractive and engaging to the target audience. However, innovative use of language in the business world can be dangerous as it can often lead to confusion.