Today we’re told, is a day when luck may be in short supply. If you’re superstitious, you'll need to plan your day around low-risk activities. Tomorrow on the other hand is the day when love, in abstentia for the rest of the year, will find you and flourish like never before. So is commerce in charge of how we feel and when? We have a calendar of events to respond to; Father’s Day, favourite aunt week, turn your lights off hour and plant a tree year. This is how society seems to run today, we are told when and where and with whom we should feel something; communicate something, and that in turn, sends us onto the Web or the streets to Buy, Buy, Buy. White vans clog the countries arteries delivering the highly priced cards and gifts. I feel like the spontaneity and sincerity of the gesture has been lost.

So let’s agree, (unless something bad really does happen to you today) that we won’t wait to be told. If It’s about communicating, do it when that thought flashes across your mind. A card of thanks is great, but so is a post-it on the fridge door, more thoughtful perhaps than a dozen roses might be a flower picked from the garden?  My advice is to communicate all year round, don't wait to be told!

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