I joined Facebook in 2006, two years after its birth, when I was in my third year of university and just before I left to study in Chile for a year. Looking back, I had no idea how big a part Facebook would play in my life but I bet Facebook didn't imagine it would come this far either! Since 2004 it's introduced a massive range of features - from 'likes' to sharing your mood by 'feeling happy/sad/excited', and location-based check-ins to contributor albums, it's one big online playground. Today, after ten years, Facebook reports 1.23 BILLION users and has changed the way that we interact socially for good. It's also helped businesses feel closer to and connect with their customers - and considering '90% of people trust peer recommendation via Facebook' and '56% of customers say that they are more likely to recommend a business or brand after becoming a fan' (source: socialmediatoday) - if it's right for you, it's the best place to be to reach your target audience!

With every massive venture comes less-impressive moments that attract negative feedback: we've all been disgruntled by privacy issues from Facebook and the ever-increasing amount of advertising isn't ideal. But even if Princeton claims Facebook will lose 80% of users by 2017, I highly doubt that they'll lose me. Today I have 503 friends, a foody page called 'Gratin Sophinoise', 135 albums, 3,654 photos, a father in Japan who can see what I'm up to easily and most of my family in Australia and New Zealand.

And that's only my story! What's yours?