If video killed the radio star, what’s social media done to journalism?

Is there any need for professional journalists when every day more and more ‘citizen journalists’ tweet their thoughts around the globe?

Social media may be making a lot of traditional journalists redundant, but it has created a new job opportunity within the commentariat.

A rapidly growing breed of social media journalists are monitoring trending subjects and celebrity tweeters, then providing pithy reports on the juiciest material.

For those who haven’t the time or inclination to ‘join the conversation’, their reports provide all the fun of social media with none of the hassle.

Identifying newsworthy material amid all the social media noise is a real, and timeless, skill. If your company wants help in understanding what’s important to communicate and what’s not, talk to the experts at theblueballroom.


Image courtesy of photoraidz / FreeDigitalPhotos.net