I was glad to discover I am not alone.  There are others out there set on detaching themselves from technology to lead a balanced life. It used to be work / life balance, juggling kids and family, getting a healthy balanced diet, playing football to earn a bacon roll on Sundays.  Now, it’s drawing the line on how often and for what reason I'm connecting.  With it being so easy to connect, I drop everything and do it - posting moments, pics, thoughts and anything worthy to connect into the wider audience. The gap between social connection and connecting at work is closing....and fast.

Reaching a wide audience has never been more significant in marketing.  Harnessing the collective powers of a social and group conscience for a company reaps many benefits.  We grow a collective sense of what is right and wrong, charities, groups, nations, companies, families, friends, all coming together with a common sense of purpose, belonging and direction - a collective, only possible by connecting and communicating.

Why, because overall we are better connected.  Without google maps I am lost, with out google who do I ask, without text or calls how do I chat, and without emails how did anything get done?

The world is growing smaller and picking up pace.  Technology and society is connecting like never before with new emerging technologies we embrace in all in our stride, coming together more as one in all kinds of matter, not just business related.  We feel empowered to make a difference, and we can.  Leaders recognise this and embrace it.

Brands harness it, the sharing of ideas, the discovery of knowledge to excite and inspire us in our day to day lives.  Brands who are capitalising by building connected cultures.  Bringing consumer closer to brands, employees closer to the brand.  The way we connect and interact has changed.  The way we work and collaborate is too.  Are you part of a connected culture?