I read an article in this morning's Independent about 'food fads'. There's nothing like a new and trendy food to get everyone talking - and queuing out the door of the lucky bakery cashing in on the latest cronut. Food goes in and out of fashion as much as clothes do, and with the right communications brands can really make the most of it. The writer points out that PR around food is simple - target your influencers. And who are the biggest influencers in the culinary world? Why, chefs of course. Get your product/ingredient/delicacy on the menu at London/New York/Paris' hottest restaurants, get Nigella tweeting about her new favourite treat, get the food writers going wild in the Sunday newspaper magazines - and you're onto a winner.

Sounds simple, right? In reality, perhaps not so simple - remember you'll be competing with hundreds of other "new must-eat products" at any one time. But if yours has a genuine USP and you invest in some good PR in the form of relationships with industry figures, you can really cut through the noise.

Now...I'm off to eat cake (it is Friday after all).