I read an article called 'The ultimate guide for a successful campaign' from Econsultancy this morning and thought it'd be a great base for a blog and I'd share some of my top tips for a successful campaign. The guide posed the question, what matters most: massive impact or ongoing success? The blog focuses heavily on social campaigns and social media and is well worth a read, but these short, sharp tips are all-rounders to get you started when you're thinking about launching a campaign. 1- Passion - this is what drives your campaign from beginning to end, your passion. And passion is addictive, so share it and you'll soon have lots of people helping you.

2- Plan - you need to have a plan in place in case your campaign gains any negative exposure. Use the talent in your team to brainstorm what 'could' go wrong, and think about what you'd do if it did.

3- Enjoy - I went to an event recently where a speaker shared her campaign journey with us. The main thing she reiterated throughout was that you need to remember to enjoy every minute. I agree - it's a big deal planning and executing a campaign, try and enjoy it.

4-Social media - use it! It helps you gain awareness and reach audiences that you couldn't have reached before. Then it helps you measure the success of your campaign afterwards. Have tip two in place, and it can be your best friend.

5-Connect - someone once said that there's power in numbers. Whoever it was was right! Keep connected: with your employees and your audience. Keep them in the loop, and they'll support you when you need them.