We've just sent out our Autumn newsletter and so today I thought I'd share my top tips for an email newsletter. We all want to produce a newsletter that people read, I've discovered over the last two years that these are my key factors when writing ours. Great design - they say a picture is worth a thousand words, (I actually read somewhere recently that it's worth about 84.1 but hey … ) Whatever it's worth - pictures and the design of your newsletter is the first thing that catches a reader's eye and holds their attention. So it’s pretty important! Funnily enough, you can actually read more in our latest newsletter  about what makes design great, straight from our own designers who make the actual newsletter look... great!

Interesting stories - we all like to learn new things when we read, so make your stories different and engaging. Do people know what you do all day every day, at work? Probably not. I'd like to know! What are they learning from your newsletter? Is your content making them think and form their own opinions?

Keep it easy for the reader - simple is best. Our newsletters scroll down to the end, and have click through links throughout for when something interests a reader and they want to know more. Easy peasy, no confusion.

Show yourselves off (but not too much) - it's important to show a personal side to your company - we're all humans too. Share your charity stories, or show off a member of your staff and what they do within the company. Remember though: no one wants to read a newsletter that's completely inundated with stories about your amazing colleagues and nothing else. A good balance is healthy between the personal, and the latest industry news or case studies.

Test it - don't get lazy. Test it every time. Send it to a colleague, or two colleagues and test the links go where they say they're going and the email is formatted correctly so that you know exactly what your readers are receiving and don't get any unwanted surprises. Your newsletter is like a prospectus for your company.

Keep an eye on the results - Our lovely Hannah lets us know how many people have opened our newsletter and the click rate so that we can compare it to last month and aim for higher the next! Find out who’s reading yours and get feedback when you can.