We each consume over 34 gigabyes’ worth of information each day. Or 3.6 zettabytes, or one billion trillion bytes…that’s a lot! With this in mind it is important to keep up to date with the latest email marketing techniques to have a fighting chance of getting your message received by your busy target audience. I have compiled five quick tips below to outline a few areas that should be considered when creating an email campaign. 1) Subject line – make it interesting!

Subject lines are your chance to engage your audience and entice them to open the email. You can inject your brand personality here and ask a question but ensure you do not exceed 35- 45 characters so that the full subject is visible. I would also recommend avoiding the use of capital letters or exclamation marks because this could be mistaken as a spam.

2) Quality content – tell your story

You have the opportunity to tie your message from the subject line to the headline and within the main paragraphs. If you take a step back to review your content, ensure that your email is cohesive from start to finish.  Appropriate images are useful to help tell your story and deliver a memorable message to your audience. If the thread of your message is unclear your reader will jump from one section to the other without truly grasping your message.

3) Test your email design on all devices

Your audience will view your email via desktop, tablet and mobile. If the design is not suitable for a mobile device your audience is more likely to click on the wrong links or failing that simply not read the email because the knack of zooming in and navigating through it will become tiresome.  It is useful to keep in mind that single column text, iconography and significant spacing between lines can aid the mobile user experience.

4) Identify your goal

The purpose of your email campaign is often to lead your audience to find out more information, get in touch or visit your website. In these instances it is vital to have a clear call to action. A call to action button works well across all devices and should be positioned near the top of your email and the bottom in order to give your audience the opportunity to take action when best suits them. Don’t forget to be bold and experiment with the colour of your call to action buttons to see what is working best. The colour red is often used with great success.

5) There is always room for improvement

Gaining insights from your email campaign via Google analytics and your email provider (e.g. MailChimp) will enable you to track open rates and click-through rates to see if you can adjust the content for next time. Having an understanding of the peak times throughout the day to best reach your audience can dramatically improve your effectiveness of the campaign.

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