We plan to put five questions to each of the WXG (www.wxg.co.uk) conference’s speakers to give you a look into their talks, histories and what inspires them to do what they do. Introducing the fifth speaker, Robin Whittleton.  Why did you agree to speak at WXG?

I’ve been wanting to speak at a conference for a few years now, and as I work for Kyan, WXG stood out as the obvious event to speak at! My reasons for speaking in the first place? I’ve learnt so much over the years from so many people and I’d like to carry on that spirit.

What do you think delegates will get out of your talk?

Hopefully I’ll be able to add the human story to what, frankly, can be a fairly dry topic to a lot of people. It’s always interesting to hear about the behind-the-scenes events that go into a finished product that we use every day.

How did you get into front-end development?

Originally I was trying to get into games development, but I had so much fun making a portfolio site that I decided to pivot my skills. From there is was just fifty or so job applications (this was 2003, not long after the tech crash) before I landed my first job as a front-end developer.

Who is your inspiration in the industry?

So many people! There are those that build technology to drive what we can do forwards (John Resig, Vladimir Vukićević) and those that can teach it (Eric Meyer, Jake Archibald, Bruce Lawson, Christian Heilmann) among many many others. To be honest, it’s impossible to narrow it down to just a few: I’m super proud to be in such a supportive industry.

What advice would you give to someone new to the industry?

These three things:

  1. Consume information: follow interesting people on Twitter, subscribe to RSS feeds, stay up-to-date
  2. Be interested in the full stack: as a front-end developer I try to understand design and back-end development concepts, even if I couldn’t write a Rails app or design a full site
  3. Practise: so what if there are a million to-do list apps out there? You’ll learn so much by just sitting down and writing one

If you want to find out more or reserve tickets to the WXG event visit: http://wxg.co.uk/