Once upon a time… I’ve noticed from first-hand experience that brands are moving away from the classic broadcast commercials and branded internal communication videos that use the traditional brand selling and engagement tactics. It’s no longer the norm to just tell me that a product is great and that I should buy it. One way of describing this growing trend that sums up the new approach to brand engagement and sales is ‘storytelling’.

It has been around for a while but it seems much more prominent in TV advertising at the moment, in particular with online and internal video content.  More and more communication teams are using storytelling techniques to engage audiences, both consumer and employee alike. We are all people with hearts and minds after all.  We all have a story to tell.

The growing trend to use storytelling, in particular in video and moving image content, is not surprising because well, quite simply - it works…very well.  Videos that tell an engaging story are more likely to be shared, liked and commented on. Therefore they are more likely to go viral and be remembered. It’s all about the emotional hook. Connecting brand to emotion.

In an age when anyone can produce an online video, professional communication experts such as marketers and internal communications are using storytelling techniques to set themselves apart from being just video producers.

Recent work with TfL has helped me cast light on this subject and see the opportunity.  I’ve had the chance to work with a client to uncover the stories about their business and about their people. Sharing these stories will allow their employees to connect with each other on a deeper level. They’ve really engaged me.  So my advice for today is, if you want engagement - find the emotion and tell the story in moving image.

The End