How would you feel working in an office with no chairs? employee well being

This was the vision of Dutch artists, who created an art installation where conventional sitting postures are not possible. All nooks and crannies, the office space encourages users to stand, lean and even lie down. This style of office aims to improve employee engagement by alleviating some of the downsides to remaining seated at a desk all day: from back trouble to strokes and depression. Workers who used trialled this space reported higher wellbeing.

At theblueballroom we try to mix up our day by using bean bags for some meetings, and although we are sitting, we try to use our meeting rooms and sit on exercise balls, to break up the day. And there are inevitable impromptu meetings round the kettle.

I would be happy to sit less during the day, but although I realise it is only an art installation, I find the design of this limestone-pavement-esque office quite claustrophobic and cluttered. However can you imagine the fun children would have running and climbing in this office?

The flip side of all this is that there are many millions of workers who hardly sit down all day. Perhaps they require a rethink of their working environment more so than office workers.

Still, it being new year and all that, I think we should all undertake to get up off our chairs and walk around more. Nothing ground-breaking or requiring an article in the Huffington Post, but it would shake off some cobwebs and Christmas cake.