It's so very hard to keep us employees engaged these days and with only a third of UK employees saying that they are, here are a few of my tips: 1. Encourage creativity

A positive workplace encourages creativity, so does taking time out for brainstorming and helping employees to really think outside the box. Creativity doesn't come from sitting at your desk between the hours of 9am to 5.30pm staring at your computer. Nor is it apparent in organisations where employees don't feel they have the confidence to be different or express themselves. Ask for creative suggestions and take them seriously.

2. Ask opinion

It's very important to know what your employees are thinking and often they give the most honest and useful answers. If you're struggling to decide on something, why not ask what your team thinks? Are they happy about this and that change? What would they like to see more or less of? I'll keep on saying this: an organisation is only as good as its employees, it's just so true.

3. Be sociable

Every now and again it's a great idea to go out and catch up outside of the office. Having a few drinks after work or a lunch on a Friday keeps things from becoming stale. You can be sociable in work time too! We recently had a working breakfast which was great fun and we came up with some cracking ideas!

4. Embrace difference

Everyone brings something different to a workplace. It's not fair to expect that everyone should be the same and it's not obtainable either! We've all got diverse backgrounds and that's what makes up a talented and richly textured team. An organisation that treats everyone in the same way is great, an organisation that tries to make everyone the same, is not.

5. Collaborate 

Thank goodness for different strengths and weaknesses - it's what makes collaborating so successful. We can use our strengths to pull our best ideas together and use them to create something really great. Collaborating doesn't have to happen inside the office, either. We've been known to take our work to a public place to collaborate, it's fun, engaging and different.