Juno, the storm that is currently hitting America's east coast has provided a great example of how technology and communications have come together with the joint aims of keeping people as informed and safe as possible. Forecasters have had the storm in their sights for days, and as it approached could advise on when and and where it would first strike, the path it would take, and how bad it would be.

Their information then led people to make informed decisions: from New York City being closed to private vehicles for several hours, to public transport and postal services being cancelled, to individuals planning to work from home.

Effective employee communications could learn from this. In an organisation, a voice of authority, who gives a clear and honest view of a situation, sets the record straight from the outset. This then filters down through managers who feel empowered to make an informed decision, and everyone in the organisation knows what is happening and why.

A storm, be it of the snowy or corporate kind, will always cause disruption and a certain amount of chaos. With the right communications before, during and after however, people can weather the storm and enjoy the moment afterwards when the sun comes back out.


Image: New York Storm by Damian Brandon, freedigitalphotos.net