This weekend I took part in the Race for Life - a 5Km run/jog/walk/dance to raise money for Cancer Research. I've taken part in this event in different towns for as long as I can remember but each year I am struck by the amazing number of people who come along and make the effort to raise money for this important charity. A cascade of pink could be seen on Sunday morning as women in sports gear, tutus and other costumes walked up to the sports park where the first of two events that day were taking place.

Not only was it amazing to see so many women coming together to take part in the event, but also the supporters - from husbands, children and even pets. The power of people coming together for a common cause was breathtaking.

What always strikes me most every year are the stories people share at these events. Those who are battling cancer talk about their challenges on a stage before the event and every participant shares a story on a piece of paper pinned to their back. The message starts: 'I'm racing for...' allowing each person to complete the sentence from a personal perspective. These messages ranged from 'A Cure' to 'Children with Cancer' through to 'Mum', but each told a huge story in just a few (highly emotive) words.

As a communicator, I saw how much of an impact just a few words can have. The personal messages were a fantastic example of effective communication!

I also couldn't help thinking how powerful individuals coming together from different locations, backgrounds, cultures to support a common cause can be. Whether it is a charity, organisation or even business goal - inspiring individuals to get involved and add their efforts towards achieving a common target is something to behold.

I just need to end by saying well done to everyone involved in this weekend's event. If you would like to know more do visit the website and help to tell those important stories.