Unless you have been living in a cave you may have noticed, or been party to the recent worldwide phenomenon of, “the dress”.  “The dress” became a viral sensation after millions of people debated online whether it was blue and black or gold and white. But why did it go viral?  ‘What’s the secret?’ I ask myself.  There is no secret behind it - it was the culmination of a number of key factors that helped make it a viral success.

Firstly, it raised debate – just a bit!  Harmless debate and a bit of fun at that.   I was unable to avoid the discussion once it hit work.  Secondly, I found it easy to decide which colour camp I was in. My decision was simple.  What was the colour? It was entirely my personal view, one that wasn’t too difficult to judge, all I had to do was simply look.  I couldn’t be wrong! Futhermore there were no political or religious pitfalls that I had to be aware off and nobody I could offend.  Because of that I considered it safe to share my opinion as I’m sure others did too.

Why the debate? It had all the hallmarks of good content. It was emotive, it raised discussion, and it effectively formed two sides with opposing opinions.  I was either in one or the other, and the best part was that neither opinions were entirely wrong.

Hearing other peoples’ opinions caused an emotional response.  Disbelief, shock, intrigue, agreement.  It challenged my perception of the world, which is a rarity.  Subjects that challenge my norm and show me a different side to my understanding of the world always stir interest in me.  Conspiracy, cover ups, illusions, the unbelievable. I still can’t help being drawn to this and how a “dress” can unravel a whole new perspective on life. How refreshing.

This emotional reaction then caused an action from me.  I felt the urge to share my opinion, to challenge anything different to reinforce my thinking, with my friends, colleagues, anybody.  I wanted to know how they viewed this content. What did they see? What was their view of the world?Did they agree with me? Did we see the world in the same way?

For once I could have a very positive, fun discussion about news rather than the normal ‘what’s going on in the world’.  It was a refreshing time out.

So, I had an opinion, it was safe, I could share it, it created intrigue and provoked debate.

And it’s defiantly blue and black…..

That dress...