Last night DigitalSurrey was hosted by Eyehub, a community of data owners and developers who are building an open hub to enable 'smart city' services to be developed and trialled. The project is starting at the University of Surrey which is home to the UK's leading Internet of Things (IoT) research centre, before being expanded to the wider city of Guildford with a primary focus on applications to enhance the safety and security of people and places. Members of Eyehub, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino and Richie Saville began the discussions by exploring the issues and challenges that the IoT face, including security and control, as well as the potential benefits it has to offer.

The below Storify provides a brief overview of what went on at the event, but for more information on the initiative, please visit: and follow @eyehub on Twitter.

As always, DigitalSurrey events wouldn't be possible without the support of the sponsors as well as the wider community. Thank you to Flexeye and Eseye for generously sponsoring the last nights event.