Since starting at theblueballroom I've primarily worked on an exciting internal corporate communication project for a large global company and all of a sudden, the event is done and I’m now suffering post-show blues. The event, which was held in Europe this week (but will shortly be going on to Brazil and Hong Kong) was to inform employees about IT security and complying with the company IT strategy to avoid the hazards and pitfalls of  areas such as phishing, cyber-attack, password security, virus and scams. The objective was to create an event and communication materials across relevant channels, to explain the importance of IT security and compliance, to share best practice and show the IT team as knowledgeable guys, always there to help.

The main communication channel was an exhibition with bold graphic designs, direct and simple messages carrying compelling information and demonstrations to illustrate the ease of hacking passwords. Accompanying the exhibition was a SharePoint site which provided interactive information, an award-winning game, competition and best practice guidelines. The two elements worked in tandem to engage the employees, drive the message home and deliver valuable content in a variety of ways. Ahead of the event, we created a communication teaser campaign using posters, flyers and email to engage employees and create anticipation which, judging from the numbers of attendees this week, would appear to have been a success.

But to house this event, to have the WOW factor, we used an unusual but eye-catching inflatable structure.  Resembling an igloo, and known as the Pod, it created quite a focus when erected within their corporate surroundings and brought people to see what was going on from all around.

The events in Europe appear to have achieved their goal. People have been to see what it was all about. They have been shocked at the speed of the password hacking demo, witnessing password codes being cracked in 2.3 seconds which in itself has enlightened people and increased their awareness of their personal and company online security. Messages have been delivered and awareness has certainly been raised.

The lead up to this event was exciting. We won this piece of business against some high profile European agencies and wanted to demonstrate our creativity and clear understanding of business communication and strategy.

Following several months of communication strategy, design, logistics and event planning, not to mention meetings and conference calls, things are eerily quiet today and so the post-show blues have arrived. But there’s little time for dwelling as it’s on to the next exciting corporate communications project and some new challenges, strategies and solutions to devise.