Forgive me for beginning by stating the obvious, but your first day in a new job can be a rather daunting experience. Taking that leap and striking out in a new direction will always come with a certain degree of apprehension. It doesn’t really matter how confident you are or even if where you are going is somewhere you have been dreaming of for long time. It all comes down to one thing – for at least a few weeks, maybe even longer, you are “The Newbie” and no one likes being “The Newbie”. All new jobs begin with an induction period and the best of these are the ones which combine the theory and the practical, as too much of one and not enough of the other can leave you feeling overwhelmed and slightly dizzy. In my opinion the best ways to combat any feelings of apprehension in your first week are to try and get involved with group projects and not to be scared to jump in at the deep end. Immersing yourself in your new environment helps to assuage that little bit of all our brains which seems to do nothing except worry and throw up the worst case scenarios.

There were many reasons why I decided to leave my former employer in favour of working here at theblueballroom, but at the top of the list was a desire to be in a role in which I could focus more on being creative and to work on a wider variety of projects.

My background before joining theblueballroom was in strategic marketing for a large American company who provide business information and analytics for a myriad of different industries. The products and solutions were always very interesting, however the personas I was addressing were always the same and the methods of reaching my audience were always relatively limited. After four years I found myself yearning for an environment in which I could be more agile, more creative and more focused on providing a fantastic experience for a client, rather than purely positioning a product or service.

I knew that by joining theblueballroom team I would get the opportunity to do all of these things, but I certainly didn’t expect to do them all in the very first week. A client invited us to pitch for a corporate communications campaign and what better way to shrug off the itchiness of the being “The Newbie” than to jump right in and start brainstorming new creative concepts for a potential new client?!

Having the chance to participate in bringing a very strategic and effective communications campaigns to life over such a short period of time was incredible and only reinforced my belief that my decision to strike out in a new direction was the right one. It seems that my leap of faith has landed me in my ideal environment; more creative, more collaborative, faster-paced and focused on providing effective communications for a variety of clients.

I have come to realise that the imaginary “Newbie Badge” only really stays pinned to you up until the point you feel you have fully integrated into your new team, and after Week One I can confidently say that badge is where it belongs - in the bin.


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