I can see in a couple of years from now how the situation will be.  People, and myself included, working much more ‘on the go’.  Travel and communication will intertwine and it will become even more about sharing in the moment - making decisions today to keep pace with the business and progress of tomorrow. Technology has helped speed up how business changes and responds to the market and customer demands.  Business leaders are much more social and accessible, with transparency there for all to see. They are certainly keeping up with the times and they are connecting and reaching a much wider audience.

So I am living in an increasingly connected society.  It is this glimpse of future and existing generations becoming much more aligned, in terms of the technology and communications networks they use, that suggests that building effectively connected cultures within companies is crucial to ensuring clear messaging and direction throughout.

By bringing people together via digital and social channels, empowering them with a voice and harnessing their ideas, business is better.  It’s no surprise that building a connected culture is high on the agenda for many top brands and organisations.  The benefits of a unified group of people with a common purpose has never been so valued, especially in business.