“The crew will now take you through the safety features of this aircraft.” Have you stopped listening already? I do actually try and pay attention at this point on a flight, but my mind invariably starts to wander onto how the flight attendant got the bun in her hair so neat. This safety video from United Airlines made me pay attention all the way through. They have used their own employees with the usual patter, but in completely different settings. This clever communications approach is not only a great bit of content marketing, showcasing beautiful parts of the world you can fly to with United Airlines but, through storytelling and delivering their messages in an unusual way, they shake up the audience’s expectations. It avoids crossing the line into being inappropriately light: the safety information is all present and correct.

The video is a great example of taking a fresh look at communications and not just churning out the same old material. I daresay it was much more expensive than your run-of-the-mill video, but it has delivered not just a safety message, but a larger and very engaging piece of branding.