Tuesday saw the September instalment of CIPR Fresh, a series of mini training events aimed at PR professionals in the early years of their career. I love going to these sessions; CIPR never disappoints with its choice of speakers and I always come away armed with some really useful hints and advice on various topics on the PR spectrum. This month's session was delivered by Rich Leigh, founder of PR Examples. As a regular reader of PR Examples I knew that Rich would be a brilliant person to talk to us about September's topic, creative campaigns. According to Rich, a good creative campaign should:


1) Be easily explainable in a sentence - the best ideas are the simplest ones. Don't overcomplicate. If you can't explain it to your client or colleague, what chance does your audience have?

2) Be relevant - sounds obvious, but make sure your stunt or campaign actually relates to the product, service or brand you're pushing. Don't run a stunt for the sake of running it; it must be securely rooted in your objectives, which brings me onto the next point...

3) Have clear objectives - establish these from the start. Make sure you've got a clear brief from your client, and if you haven't keep going back to them until you do. Keep your objectives at the forefront of the planning process.

4) Be visual - in this multimodal age your campaign must have a strong visual aspect if it's going to have a significant impact. Remembering point 1, make it obvious enough that your audience can take one look at your campaign and know what it's all about.


Thanks again to Rich for his pearls of wisdom and to CIPR for pulling another excellent event out the bag! And if you want to learn more about PR campaigns, we are hosting a free event in November looking at how to find great stories within your business. Register now!

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