One hundred and forty voices singing together in harmony…that’s the plan this weekend as I am singing with my Rock Choir group at a concert in a large theatre. I only mention it because as I sung my heart out at our rehearsal last night, it struck me how amazing it is to sing as a large group and to participate in an activity that shows communication working on so many levels. Our Rock Choir leader has taught us many songs over the past four years I’ve been a member, we have learned our harmonies which, when combined together, work seamlessly to create quite a beautiful sound. She conducts the choir as a way of communicating with us as we sing, and her signals control our volume, speed, style and energy.  In turn, we work together in our harmony groups, watching her conduct with keen intensity to realise our perfect pitch and pace. We watch and respond to her every gesture as a team, understanding the messages she communicates and reacting accordingly.

Not only do our songs convey different moods, they evoke emotions and drama which in turn is communicated to the audience. Our songs tell stories and we play them out through our interpretation. We all have stories – the individuals who are participating, the conductor who is telling the story and the audience who are listening.

Such dynamics, I realise are the same in business communication.  Business leaders are the conductors, leading the company with their vision and optimising and directing each individual to create more than individual performances but an overall concert. They orchestrate their vision through empowering teams and through individual interpretation and effort; each participant will do their part in engaging and will achieve the common goal. In the choir, we each have to take responsibility for our own voice, making sure we are rehearsed so as not to let the team down when we sing as a whole.

I have enthusiasm and passion for singing as part of a bigger group because I love communicating and working as a team for the bigger picture.   I can’t wait to feel the power of our combined voices, the thrill of breathing as one, creating sounds as a team and to harmonising together to create a rich sound.