We have all had an experience in a shop or on the phone when you just know that the person you've spoken to really doesn't like their job. Whether it's that you've experienced mistake after mistake when dealing with your bank's call centre, to having your shopping almost thrown across the counter with you, you know that this person is unhappy at work. Maybe they're having an off-day, but maybe it's a bigger issue, like poor pay,  not being recognised, or having to stand all day with too few breaks. As a customer though, if the experience is bad enough, you will try and take your business elsewhere.

A huge factor in how an employee feels at work is the company culture. A key investor in hugely successful Airbnb offered this as his single most important piece of advice: "don't f**k up the culture". Airbnb went on to publish this advice to help other entrepreneurs.

Having a strong business communication structure in your organisation really helps build a strong culture. People typically want to know what's going on at work, want to be clear on company strategy (or at least where their department or division is going), and want to contribute.

If you think your culture could do with a boost, start thinking about steps you can take to boost your communications: coach your leaders, get Yammer set up, have regular town-hall meetings, shake up your newsletters, appoint communications champions, hold an employee opinion survey, have a roadshow on an important issue or brighten up your office walls. Give people a chance to discuss ideas and problems, and just generally talk and be proud of what they do. theblueballroom can help!