To follow on from my first blog I thought I would elaborate a little bit further on how a team relies on effective communication in order to bring a corporate communications campaign to life. As I previously stated, the first week in any new role can be intimidating. You are in a new environment, with new people and new responsibilities, and being thrown in at the deep end might seem like the last thing you would want, right? WRONG! My first week at theblueballroom presented me with the opportunity to work on a proposal for a client whom we had already presented with a variety of creative concepts. As our work was deemed to be very much aligned with their strategy, we were given an additional opportunity to adapt some of our original concepts and speak with their web management team in order to find out if our ideas were compatible with the functionality of their intranet.

The response from everyone in our team was exactly what I hoped for when dreaming of working in a busy, vibrant agency environment. Tools were downed, heads were put together and an atmosphere of creativity and collaboration came to life almost instantly. I have always liked to think that brainstorming was a particular strength of mine, however you are only as good as the people who surround you, and it became very clear, very quickly that I was surrounded by some very talented creative minds.

We began by adapting our existing strategy in light of the client’s feedback. Our Creative team began work on the new visuals and we then moved on to exploring the channels via which we could communicate our messaging and overall strategy. Remember, we were given license to “shoot for the moon” in this regard as could always be reined in at a later date. And shoot for the moon we did.

The themes of our campaign were innovation and collaboration, and keeping these in mind an idea began to snowball. What if we could offer them a digital platform that not only allowed them to be innovative and allowed them to collaborate, but also gave them the chance to implement ideas which would make a difference and drive their business forward.

Three words seemed to dominate the beginning of every sentence during our brainstorming session.

“What if we…”

Everybody contributed, but more importantly nearly every idea was challenged to make sure it was right for our audience.

Within a very short period of time nearly every function of our team came together and produced a campaign which featured two separate creative concepts, several ways in which to measure engagement, a structured approach and a host of channels for us to communicate through.

Having all of the different elements in place in order to create effective communications is one thing, but far more important is having an environment in which people feel confident enough to create a bit of tension.  Not every idea is going to be a home run, and occasionally you can find yourself halfway down a road that you then need to reverse out of, but never be afraid to challenge an idea because all too quickly it can become too late. Remember you are part of a team and there is no point shouting “ICEBERG” when you are already in the water.

The best teams are those that know not only how to work as a team, but also know how to communicate as a team.


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