I worked from home yesterday - something which I don't often do. I had a big job to get out the way which needed total and exclusive concentration, so my manager suggested it might help to have peace and quiet. And it did! It got me thinking about how great it is to have a team and a company which supports flexible working like this. There are so many benefits to you as an employer for implementing a flexible workplace, and these are just some of them:

  • Employee engagement goes through the roof as employees can achieve a better work/life balance. A parent who never gets to put their kids to bed surely doesn't make for a happy and engaged employee.
  • Productivity levels are boosted by employees being able to work at a time and place which best suits their needs and the demands of their work, meaning their time is more profitable to the bottom line.
  • Talent retention is improved. Often one of the key factors in an employee leaving a role is to enable them to spend more time with family and loved ones by working closer to home or more sociable hours - if you can allow them to achieve this balance in their existing role you've got a much better chance of holding onto good talent.

Of course there are considerations that must be made - make sure your technology network supports remote working and that a clear policy is in place to clear up any mis-communications. Ultimately, if you don't embrace flexible working you'll quickly get left behind and may find employees jump ship to companies where they have more freedom to work in their own way. The 9-5 day is long gone - make sure you can meet the needs of all types of working days.

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