Online news organisations are exploring how to describe and connect the content of their stories using tags. The BBC recently opened its tagging data up to the public, with the launch of BBC Things. BBC Things provides a single reference for a growing collection of the things that matter to the BBC and their audiences. It uses Semantic Web technologies that allow open access to their data and is built on top of their Linked Data Platform.

This creates huge benefits to journalism and to online readers who are looking for relevant content within minimal clicks.

Benefits to the BBC Link Data platform:

  • Organise online content according to audience preference.
  • Open up content to a wider audience. Content is currently siloed to each individual organisation.
  • Make better use of all the BBC content - making older content more readily available.
  • Better search results on Google for the content if news organisations use the same tags.
  • Help with syndicate relationships and drive more revenue.


The aim is now for the BBC to open up this tagging information so that other news organisations can follow the tagging structure so that all online news content is connected to improve the audience experience. Are you on board with joining up the news? Comment below to share your thoughts.