You may have seen this story floating around last week - we certainly had a bit of a chuckle about it in the office here. In short, a man turned up for a job interview with the guy he'd just told to go f*** himself on the tube. Whoops.  Yes it's hilarious and yes it's a bloomin' great example of excellent karma, but seriously - in what universe did that man think it was okay to treat a stranger like that? Since when has that been acceptable? It's one of the basic human principles which I'd like to think most people have instilled in them: treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. This is so, so true. Partly because you never know who you are talking to, just like the unfortunate lout above, (the shows Undercover Boss and Secret Millionaire are also springing to mind - series in which employees or the general public are rewarded for genuine and unprompted hard work, kindness or just general ace-ness), but most importantly because we as a society shouldn't be going round making others feel bad just because we got out of bed the wrong side that day.

Help that struggling mum up the steps with her buggy, make the gas man a cup of tea, ask the checkout assistant how her weekend was - whatever it is, two minutes of your time could make a whole lot of difference to those around you. Be kind to your employees, kind to your employer, kind to your colleagues - that's the first step of employee engagement right there.