Our lovely Finance Manager, Dawn, doesn't get much exposure but we hope she knows how much we need her! She keeps our finances tip-top and helps us understand profitability and budget forecasts. And of course she pays us, we can't thank her enough for that! That's why today's 'minute with' is with Dawn. What is your favourite thing about  being a Finance Manager (FM), especially agency side? Working with colleagues on the financial management of their client accounts. Planning the process delivery and seeing the brilliant results bring the numbers to life.

What has been your favourite project you’ve worked on in your FM life? I worked on a pension mis-selling review project. It involved a team of 250 all working towards a financial services authority imposed deadline. It was really challenging, very rewarding and a huge learning experience.

What would be a ‘what not to do’ as a FM?: Don’t ever ask anyone to do something without explaining why.

Give me your top three tips on being the efficient and clever FM that you are:  

Dawn Warwick 1) Care about your clients, suppliers and employees, it’s not just about the bottom line.

2) Cash is king.  Consider cashflow timing as it  is essential for a thriving business.

3) Play by the rules. If there’s a process, there’s a reason. Don’t take short cuts, it may be risky!